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SWEDEN - SFMU07-05-2015  
Swedish Association of Medical Ultrasound

Joined EFSUMB in 1972 lapsed in 2013 and rejoined in 2015.

Board of SFMU 2015/16 is:

President: Sara Sehlstedt (possible delegate to EFSUMB)
Vice President: Magnus Hjelm
Secretary: Kristina Dahlström
Treasurer: Lilian Hammarstedt
Delegates: Karin Asplund, Jesper Danielsson and Anders Nilsson

The Swedish Association of Medical Ultrasound (SFMU) is restarting!
SFMU was an active association in the early days of ultrasound, but has unfortunately been keeping a very low profile since the Millennium. Now a small group of Swedish enthusiasts are trying to restart the association - and the first ultrasound event is taking place at "Röntgenveckan" - Nordic Congress of Radiology in Malmö 8-10 Sept 2015. The annual meeting will be held as well. Hopefully many ultrasound enthusiasts will show up, so that there will be more Swedish and Scandinavian ultrasound activities in the future.

Are you interested to join SFMU?

Please send an email to: sfmu.sfmu@gmail.com

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