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Scientific Corner
Dear Friends of Ultrasound,
With the launch of the new EFSUMB website [(1)], we would like to invite you to contribute to the Scientific Corner with study proposals and designs which can not be done alone and have to be realised, therefore, in a team (multicentric).

The scientific ultrasound community is challenged to perform more multicenter and interdisciplinary studies in the upcoming years to increase the influence of ultrasound techniques in daily practice. In that regard it is of interest that "our" (EFSUMB) scientific journal European Journal of Ultrasound /Ultraschall in der Medizin" has been dramatically improving over the last years with a current impact factor (IF) of more than 4!. Additionally, the EFSUMB-CEUS-guidelines (third generation) and elastography recommendations have also been recently published. This is a real success story.
The EFSUMB scientific corner could help to perform scientific projects:
Pediatric Registry, to collect contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) data in pediatric patients which is on the one hand off-label use but on the other a safe procedure for children (for details see EFSUMB Newsletter about the Pediatric Registry (www.efsumb.org …….) [(2)]. EFSUMB is a leading organisation to show that CEUS in pediatric patients is a safe and effective procedure [(3)]. However, data are lacking, so we need your help to collect them to improve diagnosis in children.
EFSUMB-EUS-registry, to show the distribution of application forms and techniques and safety profile. The successful DEGUM-EUS-registry [(4;5)] will be expanded to a European level.
Multicentric studies in general [(6-10)]
Case collections of rare diseases, e.g., fasciola hepatis (see case of the month (www.efsumb.org)).
Others [(11-14)].

Cordially, Christoph F. Dietrich
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