About Euroson Schools

The EUROSON School comprises a series of ultrasound teaching courses organised by members of the National Societies which comprise EFSUMB, or by specialist European or International societies/organisations whose aim it is to promote the application of ultrasound in medicine and/or biology.

The History of Euroson

The "EUROSON-School" was established by Prof. Luigi Bolondi in 1992. Through this School EFSUMB has established two types of ultrasound courses. The first course, the EUROSON Course in a more strict sense, is designed as a high level course for experienced participants. The aim of this type is to discuss the latest results of clinical and scientific studies, the technical progress and actual problems in order to simulate the further development of high level ultrasound in the European Countries.

The second type of course is devoted to an intensive East-West-Co-operation in the field of ultrasound. The content and the level of these courses is adapted to the requirements of the countries and societies of Eastern Europe. It is again the intention to have an international faculty and to support the efforts of the member societies of some Eastern European Countries with highly qualified teachers in the field of education.

There are clear regulations governing the organisation of these courses which are fixed in a by-law which was published in our Newsletter recently.

The initial and very successful course was organised by our Italian colleagues, especially by Luigi Bolondi, at Merano in 1992 in the field of gastroenterology.

In 1993 the well-known and traditional course of interventional ultrasound in Copenhagen was organised as a EUROSON-Course by the Danish Society of Diagnostic Ultrasound with Hans-Henrik Holm as President.

In 1994 the Italian Society organised a very interesting post-graduate course on superficial structures in Venice (G.Rizzatto, J. B. Hackelöer) and in the same year there was a successful course in vascular Doppler in San Marino.

The first course of the second type, East-West-Co-operation, was organised by Prof. Czech in Praha in 1994, supported by our President Sturla Eik-Nes. This course was devoted to the recent advances in ultrasound diagnosis in obstetrics and gynaecology.

In 1995 Zbiniew Kalina organised an East-West Co-operation Course in Katowice about "vascular Doppler in abdominal diseases". This very successful course was attended not only by members of the Polish Society, but also from the neighbouring East-European Countries. This course fulfilled all the objectives of this East-West Co-operation in an exemplary way.

Also in 1995, Ivo Hrazdira organised a course on ultrasound in gastroenterology in Brno as an East-West-Co-operation-Course and this also was most successful.

In 1996 the first EUROSON-Course in Germany was organised by Karlheinz Seitz and Harald Lutz and was also devoted to ultrasound in gastroenterological disease. This year also saw the seventh International Congress on interventional ultrasound in Copenhagen organised once again as a course of the EUROSON-School.

Altogether we look back to a number of very successful and interesting courses of both types, organised by various active societies covering a range of topics with an always very experienced and engaged faculty.


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