Chinese Webinar Series: CEUS in tumor ablation

The EFSUMB Webinar (Chinese Series) event, 'CEUS in tumor ablation', will take place on Wednesday 25th September 2024 at 11.00 CET (18.00 Beijing time) and moderated by Franca Meloni. Please view the speakers and register below ...

SPEAKER: Gibran Timothy Yusuf

Thyroid ablation

Learning Objectives:
  1. How to perform CEUS of the thyroid
  2. The role of CEUS in guiding thyroid ablation before the procedure
  3. How CEUS can help assess thyroid ablation after the procedure

SPEAKER: Xiaoyan Xie

Focus on fusion and MVI

Learning Objectives:
  1. The blood supply pattern change after ablation
  2. Timing of ablation evaluation
  3. Methods of ablation evaluation
  4. Difficulties and pitfall in ablation evaluation