Case of the Month Submission Template

The Cases of the month (CoM) were introduced by Christoph F. Dietrich as first Editor from 2008 to 2009 followed by Paul S. Sidhu from 2010 to 2015, with Maija Radzina taking over in 2016.  Maija handed over to Adrian Lim in October 2017 and continued until August 2021 when Zeno Sparchez took over the Editor role. The Publication Committee envisaged regular contributions to include artefact of the month, tip of the month in addition to cases that would be of interest. Topics have ranged from focal liver lesions (FLL), Crohn's disease, Echoscopy, to a rare double gallbladder. All cases can now be translated using the translation tools on the right hand toolbar found on every site page.

The Case of the Month continues to be the most viewed item on the EFSUMB website. If you wish to submit a Case of the Month resource to EFSUMB for consideration email:

ZENO SPARCHEZ - Case of the Month Editor

COTM Submission Template