Educational Partner Membership

Join EFSUMB as an educational partner member ...

Educational partner membership applies to any organisation whose members are practicing ultrasound, but who are not part of the National Society of the European or Worldwide country. Educational partner membership is available at the rate of 7 euro per member, for 10 or more members but the educational partner does not have voting rights or representation within EFSUMB. View the benefits of EFSUMB membership here >>

To apply for an organisation to become an education partner you will need more than 10 MEMBERS, please use the payment form below. Each member of your organisation will pay the 7 Euro per year membership fee. Enter the number of members in the member number field and your total invoice amount will show.

Once you have sent your payment via PAYPAL and we have confirmed receipt, you will have the opportunity to email us your member list. EFSUMB will add each individual member to our system and send out log in details for the Members Only sections of the site.