Friday 30th July 2021 - Afternoon Case Match

Opening speech of the case contest 


Fu Peng

The value of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in the evaluation of a complicated transplanted kidney injury 

Ren Xinping

Report on Difficult Cases of Liver Tumor

Ren Tiantian

No cunning fox can match a good hunter 

Liu Fangyi

Application of Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound in Ablation of Cystic Renal Carcinoma 

Liu Ming

Gastrointestinal bleeding or biliary bleeding? Contrast-enhanced ultrasound uncovers the "culprit" 

Liu Jinjin

A winding path leads to a quiet place to find the truth 

Zhou Hongyu

"Pancreas" is heavily influenced 

He Mengna

Schrödinger’s focal liver lesions 

Xiang Lihua

A case of mixed liver cancer with contrast-enhanced ultrasound 

Zhang Peiti

The characteristics of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in chronic granulomatous inflammation of the liver Case report 

Zhu Yupeng

Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound Diagnosis of Primary Liver Lymphoma: A Case 

Lin Zimei

Second Eye Ultrasound

Lin Xiaona

Contrast-enhanced Thyroid Ultrasound Case 

Zhai Hongyan

The mud in the swamp 

Guo Qian, He Fang

An analysis of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in a case of pelvic space occupation 

Chen Kailing

Contrast-enhanced ultrasound case sharing of hepatocellular adenoma with extrahepatic tumors 

Chen Tianjiao

This "ring" is not the other "ring" 

Huang Jiayan

Neck "Blizzard" sign-the price of beauty