DEGUM-EFSUMB-Basic Ultrasound course: Abdomen and Retroperitoneum

DEGUM-EFSUMB-Basic Ultrasound course:
Abdomen and Retroperitoneum
Monday, 04.06.2022 – Wednesday, 07.06.2022

DEGUM Refresher course: Vascular Ultrasound
Thursday, 08.06.2022


  • Prof. Dr. Dirk-André Clevert, Munich
    (Past deputy head of the radiology section of DEGUM, DEGUM course level III radiology, head of the ultrasound working group, German X-ray Society (DRG)
  • Prof. Dr. George Grigolia, Munich/Tbilisi
    President of Georgian Association of Teleradiology and Telemedicine (GATT);
    General Director and head of the Diagnostic Center “Deutsches Diagnosticum” LLC
  • Dr. Elene Gotsiridze, Tbilisi
    President of Georgian association of ultrasound (GAU)
    Representation of EFSUMB in Georgia

Course Venue

1. Georgian Assotiation of Teleradiology and Telemedicine (GATT)

2. Diagnostic C enter „ Deutsches D iagnosticum“

3. American Hospital Tbilisi


The content of this basic course corresponds to the curriculum of the DEGUM sections of the internal medicine, surgery and radiology as well as the current ultrasound agreement of 2016 (BC abdomen/thorax without thyroid gland).This refresher course corresponds to the requirements of DEGUM on the topic: Vascular carotid ultrasound.

In order to submit your registration, please send us an email: or

After checking for free places on the course, you will immediately receive a booking confirmation with a payment request for the participation fee.

Participation Fee
400,- €.   DEGUM or EFSUMB membership is not a prerequisite for participation

You will receive meals during the event, as well as coffee, tea and cold drinks.

The courses are certified by the DEGUM Radiology Section and the EFSUMB

Registration will start at 8:30 a.m.
Practical sessions will take place in small groups, under the supervision of a qualified tutor and will be performed on volunteers

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