EUROSON SCHOOL: Gastrointestinal Ultrasound

Gastrointestinal Ultrasound – GIUS
28. – 30. September 2023

The Berlin Euroson School and Brandenburg Institute for Clinical Ultrasound (BICUS) invite you to this 3-day course about Gastrointestinal Ultrasound (GIUS). We have experience in organizing Euroson Schools (EFSUMB certificated courses) since 2010, when we started with our 1st school in Interventional Ultra-sound. – This year we like to offer this special educa-tion in GIUS because especially gastroenterologists, internists and surgeons ask more and more for ways to learn better the intestinal ultrasound in particular. Ex-perienced international speakers and tutors will teach along the EFSUMB-GIUS-guidelines broad areas of ap-plication theoretically and in practical exercises. Not only the examination techniques are part of the pro-gram but also emergency situations and acute clinical pictures, frequent and rare are also clearly presented in lectures, live demonstrations and in video material.
Traditionally, we look forward to meeting ultrasound enthusiasts from many countries and offer sufficient time for understanding and exchange in breaks and evenings. We are looking forward to a lively, instruc-tive and inspiring Euroson School and invite you to join us in Berlin in September 2023.

Best wishes,

Dieter Nürnberg & Odd Helge Gilja
Course Directors

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