London CEUS School

22-23 June, 2023

London, UK

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Final Programme

Thursday 22nd June

0900 -0910  Welcome Liver and Vascular Session – Prof Paul Sidhu

Session I Basics of CEUS

0910–0940  Introduction to CEUS – Prof Martin Krix

0940-1000  Safety of CEUS  Prof Meng Xing Tang

1000 -1020  How to perform CEUS Dr Tim Yusuf

1020-1040 EFSUMB CEUS Guidelines  Prof Paul Sidhu


1040-1100 Coffee Break


Session II Hepatobiliary disease Part 1

1100–1130  CEUS of Focal Liver lesions Prof Andrej Lyshchik

1130–1200  CEUS LIRADS Dr Tommaso Bartolotta

1200-1220 Prospective CEUS LIRADS Multicentre Trial : Results Prof Andrej Lyshchik


1220–1330  Lunch


Session III

David Cosgrove Lecture

1330–1400  CEUS in Intervention Prof Franca Meloni


Session IV Hepatobiliary disease Part 2

1400 – 1430 CEUS in Diffuse Liver disease Dr Giovanna Ferraioli

1430 – 1450   Liver Transplantation  Prof Dirk-Andre Clevert

1450 – 1510  Gallbladder and biliary disease Dr Tim Yusuf

1510 – 1540  Pancreas: Tumour and Inflammation Prof Mirko D’Onofrio


1540-1600 Coffee Break


Session V Vascular Disease

1600-1630 Aorta and EVAR  Prof Dirk-Andre Clevert 

1630–1700 Carotid Disease Dr Vasilleios Rafilidis


1930-2230 Course Dinner (Bread Street Kitchen)

Friday 23rd  June

0900-0910 Welcome Day 2 Dr Tim Yusuf


Session VI Innovations and Controversies

0910–0930 VueBox™ for SonoVue™  Dr Christian Greis

0930–0950 Recent Advances: Super Resolution Ultrasound  Prof Meng Xing Tang

0950-1010 CEUS In Pregnancy Prof Dirk Andre Clevert

1010-1040 Therapeutic potential of CEUS Prof Carmel Moran


1040–1100  Coffee Break


Session VII Non-Liver

1100 -1130 CEUS in the bowel Dr Kim Nylund

1130 -1200 Renal disease: Solid and cystic lesions with classification Prof Vito Cantsani

1200-1230  Renal disease: Perfusion and transplantation Dr Konrad Stock


1230-1330 Lunch


Session VIII Superficial Structures

1330–1400  Salivary Glands and Thyroid Dr Maija Radzina

1400- 1420  Testis: Tumours and Inflammation  Dr Dean Huang

1420-1440 Sentinel node detection in breast malignancy  Dr Keshthra Satchithananda

1440- 1500 Cases of Interest from the Archives – Training Radiology Residents


1500-1520 Coffee Break


Session XI Miscellanous Uses of CEUS

1520–1540  Endocavitary Use of CEUS Dr Tim Yusuf

1540 -1600  CEUS of the Spleen Prof Paul Sidhu

1600–1620  Trauma Dr Maria Sellars

1620 -1640  CEUS as a Problem solving tool in Paediatrics Dr Annamaria Deganello


1700 Farewell

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