Help Ukrainian Physicians

EFSUMB are publishing messages we've received from our Ultrasound friends across Europe, in the wake of the atrocities in Ukraine. If you require help or can offer help to one of the posts below, please contact so we can connect you together. (When contacting EFSUMB please quote the reference number associated with the post)

Help finding a job in Spain     [Message received 07 March 2022 - Ref: 220-0106]

Hi. I am a doctor, phd, assistant of radiology department Vinntsya University Pirogov in Ukraine. As your know about our situation. Now we are in Prague and going to Spain. Doctor of ultrasound. Training manager of MSK, general ultrasound.
In Ukraine I had Canon aplyo 500, and my own cabinet. I need your help.
We want to find job. Could you help?