Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Guidance for Interventional Procedures
May 2, 2020
Pattern Recognition in Musculoskeletal Imaging Using Artificial Intelligence
June 16, 2020

Application of Contrast-Enhanced Real-time 3-Dimensional Ultrasound in Solid Abdominal Organ Trauma

Overview An experimental study performed on artificially injured pigs compared diagnostic sensitivity of 2D CEUS, 3D CEUS and 4D CEUS in the detection of bleeding in/of parenchymal organs. 4D CEUS allows better characterization of parenchymal bleeding lesions than 2D CEUS. Every CEUS exam was more sensitive than the non-contrasted US.


Authors Cong Feng et al.


Journal Ultrasound Med 2019; 9999:1–6
Recommendation/Comment We may have to use CEUS when we look for parenchymal lesions of kidney, liver or spleen after trauma.
Clinical implication There is a need to conduct a clinical study.
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Ultrasound speciality Contrast sonography, Musculoskeletal sonography – orthopaedics and traumatology