Multiparametric Liver Ultrasound – noninvasive tissue characterisation

The joint EFSUMB / WFUMB Webinar event, sponsored by Bracco. 'Multiparametric Liver Ultrasound – noninvasive tissue characterisation' took place on the 25th May 2021

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As early as 1973, Gerhard Rettenmaier (Germany) published on histogram analyses in parenchymatous liver diseases. He used an exposure meter he wore on his forehead to assess gray scale attenuation in paper printouts of gray scale images of the liver. Five decades later, we have a whole toolbox of ultrasound techniques for characterizing diffuse and focal liver lesions integraded in our modern high-end ultrasound systems. Ultrasound has become a multiparametric method. Complementing high-resolution direct visualization of fine parenchymal structures, raw data are used to quantify tissue properties such as fatty degeneration and fibrosis by measuring propagation velocities, attenuation, scattering, and dispersion of sound waves. Micro- and macrovascularization of focal liver lesions can be characterized very precisely by contrast-enhanced techniques in combination with high-sensitivity Doppler techniques, and specific flow patterns can be evaluated quantitatively and comparatively. In this joint EFSUMB and WFUMB webinar, leading experts will highlight the current status, clinical importance and perspectives of multiparametric characterization of diffuse and focal liver disease based on current EFSUMB and WFUMB​ guidelines. Moreover we will demonstrate how these techniques practically work and will discuss limitations and how to avoid pitfalls.

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Dr. Christian Jenssen (Germany) & Prof. Dr. Ioan Sporea (Romania)

CHAIR: Christian Jenssen


SPEAKER: Ioan Sporea

Modern sonographic toolbox in diffuse liver disease

SPEAKER: Alina Popescu

Multiparametric sonographic liver assessment: how it works (case presentation)

All speakers

Q&A Session 1

SPEAKER: Christoph Dietrich

Incidental focal liver lesion: contrast makes the difference

CHAIR/SPEAKER: Christian Jenssen

Liver CEUS: how it works (case presentation)

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Q&A Session 2