Chinese Webinar Series: CEUS in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer

The EFSUMB Webinar (Chinese Series) event, 'CEUS in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer', will take place on Thursday 7 March at 11.00 CET (18.00 Beijing time) and moderated by Caroline Ewertsen (EFSUMB President). Please view the speakers and register below ...

SPEAKER: Marco Mazerazzo

Diagnosis and chemotheraphy evaluation

Learning Objectives:

Ultrasound, CEUS and how this powerful tool is a necessity in breast clinical practice.

SPEAKER: Yanling Zheng

Sentinel lymph nodes

Learning Objectives:

1. What is sentinel lymph node (SLN)?
2. How to perform and locate the SLN?
3. How to distinguish between benign and malignant SLN?