Clinical experiences and training recommendations in H&N Ultrasound

The EFSUMB Webinar event, 'Clinical experiences and training recommendations in H&N Ultrasound', sponsored by GE is took place on 23rd November 2022 - 19:00 CET
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CHAIRPERSON: Caroline Ewertsen


SPEAKER: Andy McQueen (UK)

Latest ultrasound innovation in high frequency & micro-vascular imaging in neck ultrasound

SPEAKER: Julian Künzel (Germany)

Valuable indications for multiparametric Ultrasound in the Head and Neck

SPEAKER: Stefano Spiezia (Italy)

Thyroid thermo-ablation of benign nodules and malignancies: how to perform a secure procedure

SPEAKER: Tobias Todsen (Denmark)

Minimal training recommendations in Head and Neck Ultrasound