Conundrums in Small Parts US – Improved Diagnosis and Management Quiz


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Which of the following techniques is not used to study plaque composition?

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What is the typical sonographic appearance of a parathyroid adenoma? (tick all that apply)

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A predominantly echolucent plaque would be classified as (Grey-Weale classification as modified by Nicolaides Geroulakos):

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An epidermoid cyst on multiparametric ultrasound will demonstrate the following;

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Which of the following haemodynamic parameters better addresses within-patient variability, haemodynamic differences, high or low cardiac output states, with regards to grading stenosis?

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A haematoma of the testis

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What sonographic appearances differentiate parathyroid adenoma from carcinoma? (tick all that apply)

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How many parathyroid glands do we usually have?

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The estimated incidence of benign lesions of the testis in men being investigated for infertility is;

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