EFSUMB Trauma Webinar 2
PoCUS in Acute Trauma: FAST diagnosis of specific injury patterns

The EFSUMB Webinar event, 'Trauma 2' is taking place on 27th September 2022 - 17:00 CEST
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    SPEAKER: Christophe Dubecq

    Introduction: PoCUS on the battlefield

    Learning Objectives:

    - history of US from 50’s to 2022 ultraportable machine
    - place of POCUS on the field
    - interest of POCUS in triage

    SPEAKER: Michael Ludwig

    Blunt, blast thoracic trauma

    Learning Objectives:

    - scanning technique and basic principles of lung sonography
    - how to identify rib fracture, pneumothorax and pleural fluid
    - how to use lung sonography for clinical decision making

    SPEAKER: Dirk Clevert

    Blunt Abdominal Trauma

    Learning Objectives:


    SPEAKER: Beatrice Hoffmann

    Ocular Trauma and Other Ocular Emergencies

    Learning Objectives: