Student Image Challenge 74
November 19, 2020
(Ch:32) Ultrasound Knobology
November 20, 2020

(Ch:33) Ultrasound of peripheral arteries

• Author: Colin Deane, Sergio Castellani, Boris Brkljačić, Laurence Needleman, Christoph F. Dietrich
• Main Sections Covered: Peripheral arterial disease, Equipment, Continuous wave Doppler ultrasound of PAD, Doppler (triplex, duplex) ultrasound of PAD, Stenosis criteria, Peripheral artery bypass grafts, Acute ischaemia, Popliteal entrapment, Aneurysms, Arterial injuries, Arterial disease in the arm, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Ultrasound of haemodialysis access, Permanent access, Post-operative assessment of fistulas and grafts.
• Page count: 41

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