Endorsed Course: Advanced Interventional Ultrasonography Course on Cadavers

Advanced Interventional Ultrasonography Course on Cadavers

28-29 September 2024

Marmara University Faculty of Medicine
Rheumatology Department

HANDS-ON CADAVER: Course on intraarticular injections, synovial and salivary gland biopsy

In the field of rheumatology, tissue samples are gaining popularity in basic medicine and patient care practice.

During this 2-day course, the clinical uses, technical details, and current literature on synovial biopsy, salivary gland biopsy, and intra-articular injections will be discussed first in theoretical sessions and then in practical sessions on cadavers.

Anatomy and pathology sessions have been added to the program for in-depth discussion of the subject. In addition, biobank considerations and translational research aspects will also be discussed.

Learning objectives:
  • ⁠ ⁠Synovial biopsy and salivary gland biopsy procedures
  • ⁠ ⁠Understanding the importance of biopsy samples in clinical and basic science research
  • ⁠ ⁠Understanding of intraarticular injection procedures and indications
Target audience:
  • ⁠ ⁠Physicians interested in the musculoskeletal system who actively use ultrasonography and interventional procedures in their daily practice
  • Nevsun Inanc
  • Emre Bilgin
  • Stefano Alivernini
  • George Bruyn
  • Anwar Samhari Mat Arshad
  • Muhammet Cınar
  • Ender Terzioglu
  • Emine Sarıyıldız
  • Gonca Mumcu
  • Taylan Kaplan
  • Berceste Polat Akmansoy
  • Ertuğrul Cagrı Bölek
  • Rabia Deniz
  • Kemal Turköz
  • Umit Sehirli
  • Emine Cesmecioglu Karavin

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