(Ch:09) Ultrasound of the pancreas
December 19, 2020
Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo, Medical School University of Pavia, Italy
December 21, 2020

Hirslanden Clinic, Zürich, Switzerland

EFSUMB Ultrasound Learning Centres

Hirslanden Clinic, Zürich, Switzerland

  Department Co-Directors

Prof Andreas Serra MD
Associate Prof Jan Tuma MD

Klinik Hirslanden
Witellikerstrasse 40 8032 Zürich

E-mail: praxisdrtuma@bluewin.ch



Prof Andreas Serra MD - C.V. - click here
Associate Prof Jan Tuma MD - C.V. - click here

 Supporting Information

Objectives of the center

  • Implementation of national and international ultrasound courses.
  • Practical training in the ULC for young doctors.
  • Practical and theoretical training for the students of the Medical Faculty of University Zurich
  • The language of instruction will beGerman for the German-speaking participants and otherwise English.
  • Courses and practical trainings will be evaluated by participants.


  • Prof. Andreas Serra MD, nephrologist and internist, a member of the EPSC
  • Ass. Prof. Jan Tuma MD, internist, Past Chairman of the EPSC
  • Sabine Heyder, MD, internist
  • Markus Bürge, MD, radiologist
  • Beat Porcellini, MD, radiologist
  • Felix Trinkler,MD, urologist
  • Prof.Jan Schmidt, MD, surgeon
  • Prof. Michael Bajka, MD, gynecologist

Equipment of Klinik Hirslanden

  • There is high-end ultrasound equipment available.
  • For training purposes, devices are available to trainees.
  • For courses up to 8 devices will also be installed shortly.


  • Maximum 4 participants will be allocated per ultrasound device and tutor.
  • The courses are conducted according to the guidelines of EFSUMB.
  • The course contents are summarized in EFSUMB common course (ECC).
  • As a course book, the German version of Prof Dietrich "Ultraschall-Kurs" is applied, for the foreign participants then EFSUMB course book (ECB).

Syllabus Basic Abdominal Course
Syllabus Advanced Abdominal Course
Syllabus Final Abdominal Course

Practical Training

As usual in Switzerland, participants are examining the patient in the clinic first. Afterwards the faculty member is looking first results of the investigation of the participant and then examining the patient himself.


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