Unusual case of uterine perforation by a tubo-ovarian abscess [Sep 2018]
September 16, 2018
Ultimate Ultrasound Solution for Breast
November 8, 2018

Paediatric CEUS

WEBINAR: Paediatric CEUS

[Took place on 30-10-2018]
Paediatric CEUS

Paul Humphries - Chair

Presentation: Introduction and opening remarks

Paediatric CEUS

Kassa Darge - Presenter

Presentation: Paediatric CEVUS (contrast enhanced voiding urosonography)

Paediatric CEUS

Annamaria Deganello - Presenter

Presentation: CEUS in Paediatric Trauma

Paediatric CEUS

Doris Franke - Presenter

Presentation: CEUS in paediatric liver indications

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