European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and biology (EFSUMB): stop bloodshed in Ukraine


“Physicians should be apostles of peace and reconciliation"

Rudolf Virchow, 1869


EFSUMB condemns the further escalation of Russian aggression against Ukraine and in particular the cruel attacks on civilian targets, including medical facilities. 
We call once again for the use of all diplomatic means to stop the bloodshed immediately.
We are full of respect and admiration for our Ukrainian colleagues who, at the risk of their lives, continue to carry out their medical mission and try to alleviate the suffering of their patients. 

We support our members in our national member societies who are involved in helping refugees from Ukraine and working in various ways for peace and reconciliation. 

We have high regard for those Russian EFSUMB members who, despite governmental repression, have called on their political leadership to stop the military aggression against the Ukrainian people.

The Executive Bureau of EFSUMB together with the organizers of the Timisoara congress has decided on a "solidarity package" with Ukraine EFSUMB members including the following:

1) At 33rd EUROSON Congress, EFSUMB awarded honorary fellowship to Iryna Bekalo of the Ukrainian Association of Ultrasound Diagnostics Specialists (UAUDS) to honour the courage and determination of Ukrainian ultrasound practitioners to continue to serve their patients under the most difficult conditions and at high risk to their own lives

2) EFSUMB will waive the fees for UAUDS membership for 2022 

3) EFSUMB kindly asks all EUROSON Schools and EFSUMB Endorsed Courses in 2022 to offer one or two free places to Ukrainian ultrasound practitioners and will support the organizers financially, if necessary.


Stay safe!


Professor Dr. Christian Jenssen - President
Dr Caroline Ewertsen - President Elect
Prof Adrian Saftoiu - Past President
Dr Helmut Prosch - Hon Secretary
Prof Vito Cantisani - Hon Treasurer
Prof Alina Popescu - Co-opted Member
Prof Adrian Lim - Co-opted Member

21 March 2022