EFSUMB Trauma Webinar 5
PoCUS in Acute Trauma: The role of CEUS in Trauma patients

The EFSUMB Webinar event, 'Trauma 5' is taking place on 11 January 2023 - 17:00 CEST
The Chairs for this event are Paul Sidhu and Anna-Maria Deganello.

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    SPEAKER: Paul Sidhu

    Why and How to perform CEUS in emergency situations


    1. To understand the advantages of CEUS in ultrasound imaging
    2. To appreciate the potential as a problem solving tool.
    3. To learn how to administer the contrast agent in an emergency situation

    SPEAKER: Marco Di Serafino

    CEUS for trauma abdominal emergencies


    To illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of CEUS and the procedure details with tips and tricks during the investigation of abdominal emergencies and blunt moderate energy abdominal trauma as well as during follow-up in non-operative management.

    SPEAKER: Anna-Maria Deganello

    CEUS in management of trauma patients - follow up

    SPEAKER: Unconfirmed

    Imaging after reconstructive surgery using tissue transplants

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