Hemangioma 004 [6 images & 4 video]
January 4, 2021
Hemangioma 002 [4 images]
January 4, 2021

Hemangioma 003 – Dynamic Vascular Pattern (DVP) [2 images]

TITLE: Hemangioma 003 - Dynamic Vascular Pattern (DVP)


Hemangioma. Dynamic Vascular Pattern (DVP) [www.EFSUMB.org] displays the enhancement in comparison to the surrounding liver parenchyma (red: relative hyperenhancement; blue: relative hypoenhancement; a,b) [Dietrich CF, Cui XW, Ignee A. EFSUMB Guidelines 2011: Comments and illustrations. Ultraschall (Suppl) 2012;33:S11-S21]. See also: Cui XW, Ignee A, Jedrzejczyk M, Dietrich CF. Dynamic Vascular Pattern (DVP), a quantification tool for contrast enhanced ultrasound. Z Gastroenterol 2012, in press.

hemangioma dynamic vascular pattern